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热烈祝贺“QUANZHOU HENGJIN GROUP CO., LTD”网站建设俊工!网站正式上线!



QUANZHOU HENGJIN GROUP CO.,LTD was founded in 2002 year. Own 65000 square meter modern standard workshop and advanced production facility. At present, the total stuff is over 500. It owns high and advanced technology, collection of forging, machining, heat treatment, research and development, sales and service as one of the specialized manufacture mechanical parts . Heavy industry is our principal part. Industrialization reform is our chance. Developing international heavy industry is our target. We insist high jumping-off, rapid steps and quality first. We mainly sell engineering mechanical undercarriage, hydraulic cylinders,and automobile accessory, which sells to domestic and 80 countries overseas market. And products are popular and credible because of the good quality. 

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